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    Barry Has a Secret

    An intense meal hiding simulator game. Coming to Steam (Windows & Macintosh)


    jacksepticeye and others covered Barry Has a Secret - within 10 days after release of the game's first chapter in ludum dare make-a-game contest over 3 million people have seen Barry via youtube.

  • Originally made for ludum dare 41 "make a game in 72 hours" contest

    Original free version of the game is available at https://sandfella.itch.io/barry-has-a-secret

  • Videos (spoiler alert)

    Take a look how jacksepticeye plays Barry Has a Secret (contains few SPOILERS)

  • What people are saying about Barry (more spoilers)

    "Now I'm an accomplice"

    - DashieGames


    "This is creepy!"

    - Ssundee


    "If only they checked the dishwasher...who knew that the cleanest place was the dirtiest? The perfect crime."

    - Youtube commenter


    "What the hell is going on with your hands Barry!?"

    - MattShea


    "Banana! Huh Banana!! What the hell is going on with this Banana!?"

    - jacksepticeye

  • Screenshots

    This time without spoilers.

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    Barry likes good food.

    broken image

    Barry has nothing to hide.

    broken image

    That's a fridge. Nothing unusual to see there.

    broken image

    Just a bowl of bananas.

    broken image

    Perfect crime.

    broken image

    Just a cereal box.

  • Say hello to Barry

    Via twitter.

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    Twitter @barrylikesmeat

  • Music

    "This House" and "Chase Pulse Faster" by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

  • Download / Steam

    Barry Has a Secret goes to Steam very-very-very-very early access